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Varol Varlube 220S Slideway Lubricant (20LITRE)

  • Brand: Varol
  • Product Code: Varol Varlube 220s 20 litre
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Slideway and Machinery Lubricants

Varlube S lubricants are produced in a range of viscosity grades to meet the requirements for vertical and horizontal machine tool slideways.

Varlube S lubricants contain extreme pressure and antiwear additives together with high molecular weight polymers to resist breakdown and displacement of the lubricant even under high loads.

Varlube S lubricants are also suitable for general machine lubrication, traverse screws, small open gears and chains.

Features & Benefits

 Outstanding anti-wear/EP properties

 Resistant to oxidation

 Formulated on high quality mineral oil

 Protects against metal to metal contact even under high loads

 Compatible with all common sealing material

 Non corrosive to steel and copper alloys