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Varol Varlube 220 Circulating Oil (20LITRE)

  • Brand: Varol
  • Product Code: Varol Varlube 220 Machine Oil
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Highly refined paraffinic lubricating oils

Varlube oils are highly refined paraffinic mineral oils available in a range of viscosities from ISO VG 22 to ISO VG 460.

Varlube oils can be used for many applications including lightly loaded mechanisms (22-460), lightly loaded gearboxes or worm gears (320 – 460), total loss lube systems (22- 460) and as spindle oils (22 – 46) and general workshop lubes (22 – 220),

Varlube oils are also suitable for use as base oils for lubricants

Features & Benefits

 High quality solvent refined mineral oils with low aromatic content

 Resistant to oxidation

 Good stability

 Non staining towards copper, brass and other ‘yellow’ metals

 Compatible with common sealing materials