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Petronas Grease LIX EP2 / 380 (24x400g)

  • Brand: Petronas
  • Product Code: Petronas LIX EP2 380 grease cartridges
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Petronas Grease LiX 2/380 is a functional polymer based lithium complex, NLGI 2 grease developed specifically for high temperature general purpose industrial applications. This extra high performance grease was exposed to extended tests in paper, cement, steel and sugar mills have produced excellent results and have led to widespread usage in general industry. It has a high load carrying capability and strongly resists industry fluids and water washout, even at elevated temperatures.


Petronas Grease LiX 2/380 is recommended for large plain and anti-friction bearings and other mechanisms requiring a high temperature lithium complex NLGI 2 grease such as slides, cams etc. The excellent adhesive quality of this grease improves its stay-put properties compared to conventional greases. It has good pumpability and can be used in centralised lubrication systems.