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Petronas White Oil P15 (20LITRES)

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PETRONAS WHITE OIL P SERIES are pharmaceutical grade white oils of mineral origin obtained from selected and
highly refined raw materials. The manufacturing process is able to impart them the highest standards of purity and
quality by stripping aromatic hydrocarbons as well as polycyclic and mononuclear hydrocarbon rings. They are
colourless, odourless and comply with the latest European Pharmacopoeias.
Because of their high purity and unique properties, PETRONAS WHITE OIL P SERIES Oils are suitable for use in
medicinal, pharmaceutical and veterinary applications (pills, gelatine capsules, laxative, etc.), in cosmetic
preparations (moisturizers, conditioners, suntan lotions, body milk, etc.), as well as process oil in the plastic
industry, as softener in the textile industry and as lubricant in the alimentary food industry (conservation of eggs,
fruit packaging or demolding in pastries or bakery, etc.), in the adhesives industries and as a preservative.

Features and Benefits

  • Colourlless
  • Odourless
  • Absolute stability in any pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Absolute chemistry inertia due to paraffin structure.
  • Protective agent in anticorrosive products.
  • Immiscible with water.
  • PETRONAS WHITE OIL P 22 is unlabeled according to the latest CLP regulations