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Prime Autofarm 15w30 (20LITRE)

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Autofarm 15w/30 (SUTO) is designed to cover virtually all the lubrication requirements of agricultural machinery including farm tractors. It provides excellent high and low temperature stability, high standards of engine cleanliness and good oxidation resistance. Its natural high lubricity offers lower internal friction for reduced engine wear.


API CE/SF, API GL4, MIL-L-2104D, CCMC D4, DB227.1, DB228.1

Caterpillar Series 3, ZF TE-ML-06 + 07

MIL-L-2105, Ford M2C 159 B2, Ford ESE-N2C-86A/B, ESN-86A/B, MF 1127A,

M2C 134D, MF 1135, MF 1139, MF 1144, MF 1145,

John Deere J20A, JD 303, J14B and JDM-J27A, Case MS 1206. IH B6. Allison C4. API GL4 (L-20)