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Prime FS Low Saps 5w30 ACEA C3 (20LITRE)

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Synthetic 5W/30 C3 is a new generation fully synthetic super multi-grade engine oil formulated using the latest developments in synthetic technology together with the most up to date advancements in additive chemistry setting new standards in engine oil performance. Stable, stay-in-grade oil intended for use as catalyst compatible oil in vehicles with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) and TWC (Three Way Catalytic Converter) in high performance car and light van diesel and gasoline engines. These oils will increase the DPF and TWC life. Developed to enable outstanding performance to be provided along with effective emission control and full compatibility with emission control after treatment systems ensuring a high level of continuous pollution control thereby minimising environmental damage.

Meets the requirements of:



BMW: LL-04

GM: Dexos 2

MB: 229.31

Porsche C30