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Varol Varcomp 68 Compressor Oil (20LITRE)

  • Brand: Varol
  • Product Code: Varol Varcomp 68 20 litre
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High Quality Compressor Oils

Varcomp compressor oils are formulated to have a high resistance to oxidation and corrosion making them particularly suitable for use in conditions where condensation can occur for industrial gearboxes, slideways, hydraulic systems and general lubrication in one product. A range of viscosity grades are available to suit a wide range of applications.

Varcomp compressor oils can be used as Compressor oils (46 – 150), Turbine oils (46 – 68), Air line lubricants (46-150) and Circulating oils (46- 150). They can also be used in lightly loaded mechanisms and hydraulic systems.

Features & Benefits

 Formulated on high quality mineral oil

 Resistant to oxidation for long service life

 Good thermal stability

 Inhibited to protect against corrosion and rust

 Non staining towards Copper, Brass and other ‘yellow’ metals

 Extended oil change intervals help reduce servicing costs

 Meets the requirements of DIN 51506/VD-L