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Varol Varcool 305WM Milky Soluble Cutting Fluid (208LITRE)

  • Brand: Varol
  • Product Code: Varcool-305wm
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VARCOOL 305 WM A high oil content soluble oil metalworking and parting fluid Varcool 305 WM is a high oil containing metal process and parting fluid which produces a milky white emulsion when diluted in water. The product is compounded to form a stable emulsion in both hard and soft water Varcool 305 WM has been developed to exhibit full multi-metal compatibility and is suitable for economical use on a wide variety of machining applications. It can also be used a mould release agent for forming concrete blocks where a quality emulsion is required as a cost effective parting fluid. Varcool 305 WM exhibits excellent lubricity characteristics, making the product suitable for a whole variety of machining and mould release applications whilst providing good operator acceptability. 

Reaming  Tapping and threading  Deep hole drilling and boring  Turning  Milling  Centreless grinding  Rolling and forming

For Dilution rates please see attached Technical datasheet