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Aztec Semi Synthetic Suto 10w40 Farm Oil (20LITRE)

  • Brand: Aztec oils
  • Product Code: Suto-semi-synthetic-10w40
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A premium quality multi-grade high performance super universal tractor oil manufactured from high quality mineral base oils and synthetic base stocks, combined with the latest additive technology. This results in a very high performance universal oil capable of performing in severe operations conditions created by the machinery. Our oil has a very low pour point and a high viscosity index that provides minimal wear at the cold start and maximum security when temperatures rise to extremes. 

Engine oil: Suitable for all four stroke, naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines and four stroke petrol engines. Hydraulic oil: Has good oxidation resistance, thermal stability and low temperature performance. Transmission oil: Formulated to be used in farm tractors and other plant where the transmission contains oil immersed "wet brake systems

ACEA E3 API GL-4, CG-4 Case MS1205/1206 Caterpillar TO-2 Ford M2C86C, M2C134D John Deere J20C MAN 271 Massey Ferguson M1139/ 1144/ 1145/ 1143 Mercedes Benz 227.1 228.1 ZF 06B, 06C, 07B, 07D