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Petronas Arbor MP Extra NLGI 2 Grease (Case 18x400g)

  • Brand: Petronas
  • Product Code: Arbor-carts
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This is an Extreme Pressure Lithium and Calcium soap-based multipurpose grease for tractors, farm machines and earthmoving machinery.


Its composition is particularly suitable for pressure grease nipples and wheel hub bearings of tractors, farm machines and earthmoving machinery.

It possesses high adherence capability which, combined with exceptional mechanical stability and a high drip point allows perfect lubrication eliminating any phenomena that might reduce it:

  • High temperatures;
  • Centrifuging due to the movement of the operating mechanical part;
  • The washing action of water.


The above are joined by high antiwear properties which protect the lubricated mechanical parts in the best way possible.

Advice On Use

NLGI 2 grade allows it to be used all year round. Replace according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Technical Data