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Petronas Syntium 7000 0w40 (5LITRE)

  • Brand: Petronas
  • Product Code: Syntium 7000 0w40
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PETRONAS Syntium 7000 0W-40

Designed with CoolTechTM technology to

fight excessive engine heat.

PETRONAS Syntium 7000 0W-40 is suitable for all types of passenger cars including gasoline and diesel

engines and latest high performance cars fitted with fuel injections, multi-valves, turbochargers or

superchargers operating under most severe conditions. It is also suitable for vehicles running on


The experience gathered by PETRONAS on the F1 circuits and most important motoring events and

competitions has enabled the development of PETRONAS Syntium; a range of hi-tech lubricants

capable of meeting the needs of new generation engines – both on track and on the road.

API: SN             ACEA  A3/B4