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Petronas Urania 3000E 15W/40 (20LITRE)

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PETRONAS Urania 3000 E 15W-40 is formulated with ViscGuardTM to effectively guard against engine silent killers (engine deposits: soots, ash, deposits and varnish), preventing abrasive wear and oxidation to maintain optimal oil viscosity. This helps in extending engine life and reduces the total cost of ownership.

PETRONAS Urania 3000 E 15W-40 is suitable for heavy duty diesel applications including modern, high-output, low emission engines fitted with emission control systems using SCR and EGR technologies. It is also suitable for new and old turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines, both on-highway and off-highway, running on high or ultra-low sulphur diesel and bio-diesel.


Note: Always consult your owner’s manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle


Features and Benefits

Main Benefit(s):

  • Maintains oil at optimal viscosity levels, delivering optimal lubrication to prevent unplanned breakdowns.

Also delivers:

  • Excellent control in deposit build ups, delivering optimum fleet’s engine performance
  • Effectively combats high concentration of soot build ups, critical to prevent loss of vehicle horsepower.
  • Reduces acidic levels leads to corrosion, making your fleet engines more durable and longer life.