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Varol Varcote 3267 Rust Preventative (20LITRE)

  • Brand: Varol
  • Product Code: varcote-3267
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VARCOTE 3267 A short term rust preventative A low odour solvent deposited dewatering corrosion preventive giving a light gelled oil film. Provides medium to short term protection on ferrous and aluminium alloy components and is particularly suited to inter-shop protection after machining operations. Will also act as a light lubricant for hinges/rollers and as penetrating oil.

 Good de-watering properties  Oil film - no need to clean before assembly  Contains finger print suppressant  Good coverage per litre  Can be removed easily if required  Cost Effective  Universal Application  Low Odour

Application Dip Tank: Using a wire basket submerge components for 30 seconds minimum. Lift from fluid allows draining and stacking to dry. Drain tank of excess water periodically. Brush or Spray: Liberally apply to components and allow to dry. Use as a normal penetrating oil and apply directly to component. The oil residue will act as a good lubricant. Covering Capacity: 58 sq.metres/litre. 

Protection: Indoors minimum 6 months Covered Outdoors minimum 3 months Outdoors not recommended